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Javier Quintana

Javier Quintana

Public Relations and Social Coordinator

Our “Rocket Scientist”, Quintana is an Aerospace Engineer and owner of Aerospace Designworks, a core engineering team specialized in aircraft modifications servicing, including aircraft interior design, structural design and overall engineering solutions. Through his different projects, Quintana has extensive experience in Project Management, Commercial Customer Relations as well as attending and organizing Networking events. Quintana will be working alongside investors and helping determine appropriate partnership arrangements in Commercial Real Estate.

Lets Fly

It’s not just about the landing, it’s about navigating the journey

We are a team of real estate professionals who have made the seamless and successful transition from aviation. By leveraging the skills that made our team successful in the air, Let’s Fly Realty will get you where you want to be fast, and make sure the trip there is as smooth as possible.

We’re experienced in commercial and residential real estate. Let’s get you to where you want to be.


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